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“The prayer of the Church is the most pleasing to the ear and heart of God, and therefore the most efficacious of all prayers.” (Dom Gueranger) Praying in union with the Church through Holy Week and arriving at Easter, the summit of the liturgical year, is perhaps the most profound divine intimacy we Christians would experience within each liturgical year, as we embark in an ever-deepening journey of love for Our Lord from the year before.

From the first blessing prayer pronounced over the palm fronds, to the resounding, triumphant peal of bells at the Easter Vigil, and the glorious celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, every apostolate of the Institute across the United States sought to pray with Holy Mother Church solemnly, joyfully, and beautifully.

The Holy Week liturgies take a tremendous amount of preparation, and in every apostolate the collaboration of the faithful and clergy result in yet another memorable and edifying Holy Week, to nourish us through the rest of the liturgical year. The photos will remind us, but they are only a tangible record of the invisible growth ring within our souls reaching for our eternal home.

The Institute expresses our gratitude to everyone who participated in the preparation and execution of another beautiful Holy Week, and our very best wishes and prayers to everyone for a blessed Eastertide.

This selection of photos comes from the following apostolates:


Sts. Cyril and Methodius Oratory in Bridgeport, Connecticut

St. Joseph Oratory in Detroit, Michigan

Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago, Illinois (at St. Thomas the Apostle Church because of the Shrine restoration)

St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Mary’s Oratory in Wausau, Wisconsin

Old St. Patrick’s Oratory ion Kansas City, Missouri

Immaculate Heart of Mary Oratory in San Jose, California

St. Margaret Mary in Oakland, California