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Sunday after the Ascension, May 21, 2023

Dear faithful,

We celebrate this week the Sunday after the Ascension of Our Lord. Ascensiontide, this brief moment of the liturgical year which we now begin, could be thought of as somewhat analogous to Passiontide coming upon the end of Lent. It is the end and crowning fulfillment of the season of which precedes it, in this case Paschaltide. 
St. Thomas Aquinas would have us note that the Resurrection was not simply a convenient way for Our Lord to return to His Apostles and give them final instructions, nor His Ascension simply a convenient way of letting them know definitely and beyond question that He had left this world. The two acts of Our Lord, the Resurrection and the Ascension, belong organically to the Sacrifice He offered for us. 
First we must note that the Sacrifice, insofar as it is the offering to God of a victim slain, was complete upon Calvary. But in the total conception of sacrifice, it is not sufficient — as Cain found long before — that a victim be offered to God; it is essential that the offering be also accepted by God. In addition, given that the nature of man requires that sacrifice be an action externally visible, it belongs to the perfection of sacrifice that God’s acceptance should be as externally visible as humanity’s offering. It is in this sense that the Resurrection and Ascension belong organically to the Sacrifice.
We have now begun our preparatory Novena for the Feast of Pentecost (Sunday, May 28). The Veni Creator will be chanted each day after Mass, and the Novena Prayer will be recited. Copies are available in Flocknote and in church. A plenary indulgence, under the usual conditions, is available to all who are present for the chanted Veni Creator on Pentecost Sunday.
Our good friend Father Robert McTeigue, SJ, will replace me in celebrating the 12:30 Mass this Sunday. Please be sure to thank Father for generously coming to assist our apostolate so often.
Registration for the first National Retreat of the Society of the Sacred Heart, which will take place in Waterbury, Connecticut from June 16 – 18, is now closed. The second National Retreat will take place in Wisconsin from September 29 – October 1 at a location to be announced.
A great friend and benefactor of the Institute of Christ the King has gone on to her eternal reward. Madame Guillemette de Guernon passed away this past Monday, May 15 at the age of 92, after having received the last Sacraments. I strongly recommend the repose of her soul to your prayers, and invite you to have Masses said for her, whom Providence has given the grace to join Our Lord in this month of Mary. 
Madame de Guernon was indeed something of a living legend. She was most devout, and she devoted significant portions of her time each year to aiding the priests and seminarians of the Institute, notably by her work in repairing vestments and teaching courses in French and etiquette at the seminary. Requiescat in pace.
I will be on retreat with the other canons of the Institute from Monday, May 29 – Friday, June 2. I ask for your prayers during this important moment of rest and spiritual recollection. I will also be out of town from Thursday, June 8 – Monday, June 12. I will have the privilege of celebrating the Marriage and Nuptial Mass of Johnny Lazear and Gabrielle Cherry in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, June 10. Please be sure to keep these two in your prayers. Information about the priests replacing me for the Masses will be posted in the bulletin. 
A reminder about the various summer activities offered by the Institute of Christ the King which are coming up: the Oakland and San Jose Apostolates will once again host St. Michael’s Patrol, our summer camp for fathers and sons, from July 27 – 29. Please find the registration form available in church and in Flocknote.  
There are also the Wisconsin youth summer camps offered during the months of July and August, for both boys and girls of various ages. or use the QR code. For questions, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Young adults ages 18-35 are invited to attend the annual National Sursum Corda Retreat 2023 from July 7 – July 10 in Clarkston, Michigan. Register at or use the QR code. For questions, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Our Sunday reception returns after the 12:30 Mass this Sunday. We hope to see you there! Especially those of you who’ve just returned from the Holy Land…I’m sure many are looking forward to hearing your impressions.
Wishing you a blessed Sunday, 
Canon Norman

 Mobile: 408-600-4218
Pentecost Novena: pdf
Veni Creator: pdf
Marian Antiphons: link

Other information...

White cloth attached to the Communion rail: This is a precaution taken to protect the Blessed Sacrament from defilement by falling on the floor. All you have to do when receiving Communion is place your hands together, turn them over palms-up, and insert them underneath the cloth. This way, you form a little covered plateau (like a little altar!) to protect Our Lord from falling.

Blessing of items: Please contact Canon Norman to schedule a time to have your items blessed. 

Leading the Rosary: Men who are interested in leading the Rosary before the Sunday 7am and 12:30pm Masses, please contact Cann Norman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before mass.

Marian Antiphons:

The Institute’s recent Gregorian chant recording, Gaudeamus Omnes, contains the four seasonal Marian antiphons as part of the Office of Compline, in simple and solemn tones. These Marian anthems can be downloaded individually on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby and more. For details and to hear clips of each track, go to:

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