The fourth Sunday in Lent, Laetare Sunday, at St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis was marked by a glorious Solemn High Mass celebrated by Canon Luke Zignego with Canon Michael Wiener as deacon and Abbé Alex Barga as sub deacon.  Beautiful rose colored vestments gave prominent indication that Laetare Sunday was a Sunday of rejoicing in both the holy Liturgy and beyond.  After Mass, many faithful gathered for a festive 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, an annual Laetare Sunday event, that took place in the gymnasium on the vast campus of St. Francis de Sales Oratory.  Eight teams played with good sportsmanship and friendly camaraderie.  Each team was fondly named:  Root Beer Floats, Team Skutt, Loose Canons, Domine Canis, Sweet Dreams, Three Amigos, Hilarious Hobbits and MonStars.  With around fifty spectators in attendance, the double elimination tournament ended with the Loose Canons' (including Canon Luke Zignego and Abbé Alex Barga) team claiming another year of victory.  The event was full of good spirit and lots of fun was had by all.  What an exciting means to celebrate a Sunday of rejoicing!