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new booklet

New Booklet for Mass

This new booklet containing the prayers of the Mass was made by several canons of the Institute. It is an improvement over the old booklets in that it leaves space to follow the propers of the Mass (which are printed on separate sheets) and contains various chant settings for the ordinary of the Mass for various liturgical days. Moreover, there are various devotional prayers included, a guide for the Sacrament of Confession in the traditional style, various Marian Antiphons, and chants for Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

  • Prayers of the Mass.
  • Directions for Confession.
  • Chant settings for the Ordinary of the Mass.
  • Prayers and chants for Adoration and Benediction.

Please order your booklet now! $10.00 + shipping.


cd lux beatissima

CD of Polyphonic Music: O Lux Beatissima

This CD O Lux Beatissima is a debut release made by the Choir of the Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales in the church itself in September 2015. The CD includes the first commercial recordings of Max Filke's Missa in honorem beatae Mariae Virginis for choir and orchestra, as well as the premier recording of John Osterhagen's Tantum Ergo written for and dedicated to the Oratory's Ladies' Schola. $15.00 + shipping.


bklt golden counsels sfds

Booklet: Golden Counsels of Saint Francis de Sales

Doctor of the Church, and patron of the press. Saint Francis de Sales touched the lives of thousands during his life and his wise and loving counsels have inspired millions since his death. The conversion of thousands of heretics is credited to the examples he showed, which worked miracles of grace wherever he appeared. Saint Francis de Sales is the Apostle of Cheerfulness and Hope. He was a most holy and faithful priest and bishop. He wrote numerous letters and the book entitled Introduction to the Devout Life, among many other works of rare merit. His writings are uplifting and a breath of fresh air. Saint Francis de Sales encouraged people in every occupation and situation to the pursuit of “the devout life”. This soft cover booklet is a gathering of his thoughts and those of St. Jane de Chantal, his spiritual companion. It is printed by the Visitation Sisters and is pocket sized to be your companion in the daily tasks of life and it’s joys and sorrows. $2.00 + shipping.