Upcoming Events at the Oratory

 Holy Thursday—April 18

7:30am Tenebrae, 5:30-6:15pm Confessions, 6:30pm High Mass (Latin) followed by Adoration until midnight 8:30-9:30pm Confessions




Good Friday—April 19

7:30am Tenebrae 10:00am Stations of the Cross 11:00-11:45am Confessions 12noon Good Friday Liturgy (Latin) 5:00pm Good Friday Liturgy (English)

Holy Friday ICK-Good Friday.jpg


Holy Saturday—April 20

After Tenebrae, decorating for Easter in the church (10:30am)! 7:30am Tenebrae 7:00pm Easter Vigil (Latin) followed by blessing of Easter food & baskets NB: No confessions or 4:00pm Vigil Mass




 Easter Sunday—April 21

7:00am Mass (English) 8:00-8:20am Confessions 8:30am Low Mass w/Organ (Latin) 10-10:20am Confessions 10:30am High Mass (Latin) followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet & Benediction




April 22-May 3 – Holy Land Pilgrimage

 April 22-May 3 – Holy Land Pilgrimage, led by Canon William Avis

You can find more information HERE