“Run, jump, have all the fun you want at the right time, but, for heaven’s sake, do not commit sin!”

St. Philip Neri.




For eleven years, I have had the grace of attending the Institute of Christ the King Boys Camp. Attending as a camper for eight years, I benefited in a profound way. Not only was it always one of the most fun parts of my summer but it was especially at camp that I learned how to contribute to the common good, to "the team". I grew in love of the liturgy by attending daily mass and learned about the great importance of the daily rosary with the evening rosary procession. It was at these camps that I first really felt my calling to enter religion and become an oblate. 
The past three years, I have had the special privilege to give back at camp and to help make possible this great opportunity for grace to work in these boys and make them into young men. This year was an especial joy since we were able to host the teenage boys camp in a beautiful, new, and exciting location. Green Lake Conference Center made the boys camp even more fun and enriching by opening up more options for activities and games. Truly, this was a powerful and unique experience that I hope can continue for many years to come.
Abbe Raymond