January 18th-25th: Octave of prayer for the return of separated Christians to the unity of the Catholic Church

Tuesday, January 18th

7:00pm Holy Mass at St. Leo Oratory

8:00pm Confraternity of Christian Mothers Meeting (St. Ladislas Parish Hall)

Saturday, January 29th: St. Francis de Sales

9:00am Holy Mass (possibility to gain a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions)

Wednesday, February 2nd Candlemas: Feast of the Purification of Our Lady and the Presentation of Our Lord

**6:30pm** Blessing of Candles & Procession High Mass (No 12:00pm Mass)

Thursday, February 3rd (First Thursday): St. Blaise

7:00pm Holy Mass followed by blessing of throats

Friday, February 4 (First Friday)

12:00pm Low Mass followed by Devotions

6:30pm Low Mass followed by Exposition & Devotions

Saturday, February 5 (First Saturday)

9:00am Low Mass followed by Devotions

Sunday, February 20th: Septuagesima Sunday

8:00am Low Mass

10:30am High Mass