Inaugural Pentecost Pilgrimage

An estimated 200 faithful pilgrims walked the 4.5 mile hike along the Ice Age trail, up to Holy Hill Basilica, with a faith that, "rain or shine we will do this,” in communion with the thousands participating in the famous Pentecost pilgrimage from the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris to Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres (France) to live and build the Christendom of the third millennium. 
2022 06 pentecostpilgrimage4
The Holy Spirit came through, providing clouds to shade, and cool temperatures, to refresh the pilgrims (like God provided the Hebrews in their trek in the Sinai desert).  After chanting several Litanies for Mary and the Saints outside the Holy Hill Basilica, and then after Benediction inside the Basilica, the pilgrims feasted on a Medieval meal of roasted pigs and chickens, seasoned with hearty fellowship, conversation and laughs.
2022 06 pentecostpilgrimage3
Canon Jayr emphasized the links and ties of our pilgrimage with the pilgrims at Chartres- all of us praying  together, that Christendom take root in our countries.
2022 06 pentecostpilgrimage1
Bird’s eye view- or rather a Dove’s eye view-- of the Holy Spirit looking down on the pilgrims, praying with their feet, along the farm fields of Wisconsin.
2022 06 pentecostpilgrimage2
The procession, with our Blessed Mother, prior to entry into Basilica.  Note the illuminated stained glass window above, representing flame of the Holy Spirit coming down. 
Save the date: This annual pilgrimage will ALWAYS be on the VIGIL of Pentecost--  a Saturday -- which will be May 27, 2023 next year.

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