The St. Stanislaus Oratory spring Fundraising Dinner on Thursday, May 11, was a great success.  The fun “1920s Speakeasy” theme was evident everywhere – in posters, tables, drink and food menus, and costumes sported by attendees. 
2023 dinner1
2023 dinner9
2023 dinner2
2023 dinner3
 Everyone enjoyed the social time, interspersed with stealthy trips to the silent auction tables to up their bids on favorite items.  The live auction was a triumph with many participating in boisterous attempts to outbid their competitors.  A duck mascot enlivened bids on Canon Jayr’s “Foie Gras Dinners”.  And Canon Josseaume posed with a plastic “Tommy gun” to encourage bids on his ”Guns and Rosaries” outing.
2023 dinner4
2023 dinner5
2023 dinner15
2023 dinner7
2023 dinner10
The tremendous generosity of parishioners during this fundraiser will enable St. Stanislaus to acquire many more beautiful relics and reliquaries, giving them the esteem, respect and care they deserve.  It will also allow present and future generations to continue to venerate our heavenly heirlooms and, in doing so, share in the riches of heaven.    

2023 dinner13

 2023 dinner14

 2023 dinner8