The interior painting of the nave of the church, once completely monochromatic beige, has been completed, including the ceiling and upper walls. Walls and plaster embellishments, which were showing signs of wear and damage, were repaired. Rich warm colors have brought the patronal saints of the nave art back to life. These bas-relief images have been given identifying name ribbons to encourage veneration and intercessory prayers. Artisans discovered that the walls were marble under layers of old paint! This marble has been fully restored.


Lovely rich blue tones, mimicking the dome of the sanctuary, were added to the gold leaf of the ceiling art. Identifying ribbons were added to the images of Our Lady and the angels on the ceiling as well.


All the woodwork of the nave – a bland beige tone since the 1960s – also received attention. The historic, carved oak pews were refinished to a rich walnut tone to match the new narthex doors and entry doors. The confessionals, too, were refinished and embellished in gold leaf.


The worn 1960s purple carpeting was removed. Porcelain tile which matches the sanctuary floor was laid, featuring a lovely fleur de lis pattern in the aisles.


The marble slab walls behind the side altars will soon receive gold embellishments as well, which will complete the work in the nave.