Building Our Provincial Shrine :  Phase II Restoration - The Basement

Construction continues on the Shrine of Christ the King this month with a significant step made in the work in the basement. After installing all the necessary tubing and conduit for underground plumbing and electrical wiring, the ground was graded and covered with a plastic moisture barrier. 
2022 03 shrinerestorationphase2continues
After this, the concrete slab was poured in the entire basement, providing a base for the future bathrooms and mechanical rooms to be built upon. Next up, the church slab!
2022 03 shrinerestorationphase2continues2
Part 1 of Phase II will provide a 6” thick, structural concrete slab to the church’s narthex, nave, sanctuary, and basement as a foundation for the subsequent steps in Phase II.  
2022 03 shrinerestorationphase2continues3
 2022 03 shrinerestorationphase2constinues4
Thank you for your generous support in these difficult times for the Church as you help build a stable home for the Institute in the United States, making visible the reign of Christ the King in all things!

2022 03 shrinerestorationphase2continues5
Conceptual rendering of the U.S. Provincial Shrine of Christ the King interior 
The total cost of this first part of Phase II is $765,000.
Would you like to invest in this important project to help ensure the stability and growth of the Institute in the United States of America?  We need your help!
With your generous help, we hope to complete Part 1 of Phase II by March 2022 and continue with Part 2 before year’s end.
You are helping to build a true throne for Jesus Christ our King in the heart of America.  May He, whom you honor with your offering in faith, bless you abundantly and protect you in these turbulent times!  Together, let us put Christ's house first.  
"Seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice, and everything else will be provided for you."   Matthew 6:33