How can I get the bulletin?
Are there coffee hours after Sunday Masses?
How should I sing during sung Masses?

Q: How can I get the bulletin?

You have several  options for getting the weekly bulletins:

  • At the oratory—Pick up a printed copy of the weekly bulletin at the entrance.
  • Email —Connect with us on Flocknote by visiting or fill out the contact form on our home page.  After you sign up, you'll be added to our email list and begin receiving weekly news and updates!
  • Facebook—Look for weekly bulletin postings at Immaculate Heart of Mary-San Jose, CA  
  • Institute of Christ the King’s website—See the Immaculate Heart of Mary-San Jose's Bulletins Webpage.

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Q: Are there coffee hours after Sunday Masses?

Because of COVID restrictions in force as of this date (May 25, 2021), we have suspended our social hours. 

We continue with monthly birthday blessings, which are announced in the bulletin. 

Everyone whose birthday is in that month gets a blessing, a song, and a sweet treat. 

The blessings are given  outside after the 11 a.m. Sunday High Mass outside.

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Q: How should I sing during sung Masses?

Whenever the organ is played while the choir sings, the playing is to support singing by everyone. Members of the congregation are invited to sing the ordinary parts of the Mass whenever the organ is playing while the choir sings.


Mass Booklet

On page 3 of each Sunday's bulletin, a small table appears in the Liturgical Calendar, as shown in the following table.

  • In the Mass Booklet, you can find the Gregorian Chant for each item that is listed. For example, there are four Marian antiphons sung at different seasons of the liturgical year, and the chant for each antiphon is in the Mass Booklet. 

  • The second column in the table below lists the Salve Regina as the Marian Antipon for that Sunday's Mass.

  • The third column shows the options that may appear under Option for the Day heading

Chants for the Ordinary of Today’s Mass
Option for the Day All Options Throughout the Year
Sprinkling Rite Asperges Either Asperges or Vidi Aquam
Ordinary Mass XI Masses I, IV, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XVII
Creed Credo I Credo I, III, or IV
Marian Antiphon Salve Regina Alma Redemptoris Mater
Ave Regina Caelorum
Regina Caeli
Salve Regina

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