How can I get the key to the bathrooms, which are locked during daily Masses?
How can I get a map of locations where Masses are celebrated and meetings and classes are held?
How can I get the bulletin?
Are there coffee hours after Sunday Masses?
How can I sing with the choir?

Q: How can I get the key to the outside bathrooms, which are locked during daily Masses?

For security reasons, we must keep the outside rest rooms locked during weekday Masses. The restroom key is on a lanyard that hung on the side of a pew on the center aisle next to a responsible mass goer.


The outside restrooms are at the back of the rectory, across from the church exit that is to the left of the main altar.  (See map.)


Please be sure to lock the door after you use the rest room and return the key.

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Q: How can I get a map of locations where Masses are celebrated and meetings and classes are held?

This map shows the locations where we celebrate Masses at the Five Wounds Portuguese National Church and the I.E.S. chapel. It also shows the locations we use for gatherings and classes, and where you can find the outside rest rooms.  The various times and locations of parish events are announced in the weekly bulletins. Click on the map to bring up a PDF suitable for download and printing.


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Q: How can I get the bulletin?

You have several  options for getting the weekly bulletins:

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Q: Are there coffee hours after Sunday Masses?

We don't have a coffee hour every week, but we have a series of Sunday Socials on different Sundays of the month.

Click the News tab to see the Sunday Socials schedule, which is posted for three months at a time. For example, the schedule for June, July, and August is at the San José News page here.

The map is color coded with the event listings to help you find the locations for the oratory's monthly get togethers, which take place after the 12:30 Sung High Sunday Mass in different locations at the church, the parish rectory, and the nearby I.E.S. Chapel.

Important: Watch the bulletin for dates and times and occasional cancellations.

All are invited to attend. These socials are a great opportunity to get to know other members of the oratory. We hope to see you there.


Optional: Bring a dish or a drink to share.

First Sundays, Finger Foods Potluck before Vespers at 3:00 p.m.
After the 12:30 Sung Mass and before our monthly First Sunday Vespers, all are invited to a finger foods potluck behind the church. See the BLUE arrow on the map. Finger foods are foods that can be easily eaten without heating or refrigeration or utensils.

Once a month, Birthday Potluck in the Cristo Rey Cafeteria
Everyone whose birthday is in that month gets a blessing, a song, and a sweet treat. There will be cake! The entrance to the Cristo Rey cafeteria is on the right when you are facing the church towards the rear. You can access it through a gate in the fence that separates the church property from the school. See the RED arrow on the map.

Once a month, Coffee Hour with coffee, tea, and snacks in the Rectory Meeting Room
The Five Wounds Rectory is to the left when you are facing the church. The meeting room is on the left side off the veranda in front. See the GREEN arrow on the map.
Click the map to bring up a downloadable PDF.

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Q: How can I sing with the choir?

There are two ways to sing with the choir:

  • Sing the Ordinary, unchanging parts of the Mass, during Sung Masses
  • Join the choir 

Singing the Ordinary from the Pew

Whenever the organ is playing while the choir sings, the playing is to support singing by everyone. Members of the congregation are invited to sing the ordinary parts of the Mass whenever the organ is playing while the choir sings.


A small table with two columns appears in the Liturgical Calendar on page 3 of each Sunday's bulletin, as shown in the following table; the third column shows the options that may appear under Option for the Day heading.

In the Mass Booklet, you can find the Gregorian Chant for each item that is listed. For example, there are four Marian antiphons sung at different seasons of the liturgical year, and the chant for each antiphon is in the Mass Booklet.  The table below shows the Salve Regina as the Marian Antipon for that Sunday's Mass.

Chants for the Ordinary of Today’s Mass


Option for the Day

All Options Throughout the Year

Sprinkling Rite


Either Asperges or Vidi Aquam


Mass XI,



Credo I

Credo I, III, or IV

Marian Antiphon

Salve Regina

Alma Redemptoris Mater
Ave Regina Caelorum
Regina Caeli
Salve Regina

Join the Choir

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Oratory Choir welcomes new members who are interested in singing Gregorian Chant and Renaissance polyphony. The choir sings the Ordinary and Proper parts of the Mass and polyphonic hymns during sung Masses on Sundays and special feasts. If you are interested, come to the regular practice time, 11:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the Rectory meeting room and introduce yourself.

For further information about joining the choir, please contact Canon Ueda at 408-781-9497or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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