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Upcoming Events

October 25, Feast of Christ the King - 8:00am Low Mass, 10:00am Solemn Mass

November 1, All Saints Day -  8:00am Low Mass, 10:00am Solemn Mass

November 2, All Souls Days - 8:00am Low Mass, 12:15pm Low Mass, 6:30pm Solemn Mass

November 6, Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart - 8:00am Low Mass, 6:30pm Solemn Mass 

November 8, 23rd Sunday after Pentecost - 8:00am Low Mass, 10:00am Solemn Mass

November 15, 24th Sunday after Pentecost - 8:00am Low Mass, 10:00am Solemn Mass

November 22, Last Sunday after Pentecost - 8:00am Low Mass, 10:00am Solemn Mass

November 29, 1st Sunday of Advent - 8:00am Low Mass, 10:00am Solemn Mass

November 30 - December 8 - Novena to the Immaculate Conception


Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards Instagram

Like Abbé Alex? Like our Institute oblates?

Sure we do!  Abbé Alex and our oblate candidates work diligently behind the scene at St. Francis de Sales Oratory in order to fulfill their very important part of the Institute’s mission.  First and foremost they extol publicly the glories of God in praying the divine office with the Oratory Canons.  In addition to this, they pray for your intentions and the salvation of souls.  When they are not doing the work of the Lord, they provide many practical services to the Oratory including teaching, management, accounting, construction, computer information technology and domestic chores just to name a few.   

This year St. Francis de Sales Oratory will be offering elegant, traditional Christmas cards in order to help meet the expenses related to their important formation.  We are pleased to offer you packs of 10 cards, each containing 2 of 5 total designs along with matching envelopes.  Your $20.00 donation for one pack, or $50.00 for 3 packs will not only serve as a classy, traditional backdrop for your Christmas greeting, but help the men serving the Church through service as oblates.

Purchase yours now from the Oratory Office while supplies last!



Rev. Canon Benjamin Coggeshall, Rector, Episcopal Delegate - Summorum Pontificum

Rev. Canon Pierre Dumain, Vicar

Rev. Canon Miguel Cañadas Carpio, Vicar

Abbé Alex Barga, Clerical Oblate


Mrs. Mary Hayworth, Office Administrator

Mr. Jon Roche, Accounting Manager

Mr. James Marck, Director of Sacred Music/ Master of the Choirs 


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