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Upcoming Events

November 30 - December 8: Immaculate Conception Novena  

Saturday, November 30: 8:00am - Canon Pierre Dumain

Sunday, December 1st: 10:00am - Canon Miguel Cañadas

Monday, December 2nd: 6:30pm - Fr. Brian Harrison

Tuesday, December 3rd: 6:30pm - Canon Luke Zignego

Wednesday, December 4th: 6:30pm - Canon Matthew Weaver

Thursday, December 5th: 6:30pm - Canon James Hoogerwerf

Friday, December 6th: 6:30pm Solemn Mass - Fr. Eric Kunz

Saturday, December 7th: 8:00am - Fr. Thomas Keller

Sunday, December 8th: 10:00am Solemn Mass - Canon Benjamin Coggeshall

Saturday, December 14th: Rorate Caeli Mass

6:00am Low Mass 

Clergy of the Oratory

Rev. Canon Benjamin Coggeshall, Rector

Rev. Canon Pierre Dumain, Vicar

Rev. Canon Miguel Cañadas, Vicar

Abbé Alex Barga, Clerical Oblate


Mrs. Mary Hayworth, Office Administrator

Mr. Jon Roche, Accounting Manager

Dr. Steven Ball, Director of Sacred Music/ Master of the Choirs

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