The retiring Pastor, the beloved Monsignor Joseph Pekar, has served the Parish faithfully as Pastor since 1971. The pastoral care and administration of the Parish has now entrusted to the Institute clergy, who will continue the celebration of the traditional Roman Liturgy of 1962 according to the long-standing tradition of this Parish.

The new Oratory Rector appointed by Bishop Caggiano to serve at Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish is Canon Andrew Todd. He will be assisted for the first year by an Institute seminarian, Abbe Bryan Silvey.

The first Mass of this new Oratory was celebrated on Sunday, October 8, at 10:15am. His Excellency, Bishop Caggiano presided the ceremonial rite of installation for the new Rector and preached the homily. The Diocesan Vicar General, Monsignor Thomas Powers, and the Vicar for Clergy, Father Joseph Marcello, and Father Cyprian LaPastina, Pastor of St. Mary’s in Greenwich, were all present for the occasion. The Institute’s Vicar General, Monsignor Michael Schmitz, attended and publicly expressed gratitude to Bishop Caggiano for the invitation to serve in Bridgeport. The Provincial Superior for the American Province, Canon Matthew Talarico, as well as Canon Brian Bovee and Abbe Francis Bennell from the Institute’s Oratory of St. Anthony of Padua in West Orange, New Jersey, came to participate in the celebration.

After the Liturgy, many faithful and friends gathered for the social in the parish hall in order to welcome the Institute and to offer grateful tribute to Monsignor Pekar for his priestly dedication and pastoral leadership at Sts. Cyril and Methodius for over 46 years.

With the help of God and the prayerful support of His people, the Institute seeks to carry on the Catholic life and tradition of Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish. The Oratory is to be a unique spiritual home offering the traditional Roman liturgy, devotions, daily confessions, days of recollection in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, classes in spirituality and doctrine, and youth formation activities among others.

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