On the exterior of the church, tuckpointing of the brickwork was completed; roof repairs on the church, priory and school were made, including new copper flashings and tile work. The stonework of the four-sided steeple clocks was repaired and the clocks were re-set. The belfry windows were re-sealed to keep out pigeons. The bells, which were in danger of falling due to cracked and worn supports, were shored-up and readjusted.


The mosaic of Our Lady of Czestochowa – water damaged and in danger of collapsing—was restored and sealed. The marble stairs at the east entryway were re-set and the concrete sidewalks re-poured to make an even, safe walking surface. The adjoining gardens were also repaired and replanted. The gardens on the south side – featuring a statue of St. Stanislaus -- were expanded and extensively replanted, beautifying not only St. Stanislaus, but the neighborhood as well.


A new, more-welcoming entry walkway with expansive gardens and a Marian garden grotto were created on the west side of the church. This space allows parishioners to spend social time after Mass, and garden benches allow for prayer and meditation. The priory received a new patio with pergola and lovely gardens which feature a grotto of St. Joseph. This gathering space is perfect for entertaining.


The playground adjoining the priory patio, which is primarily used by the school children, was rebuilt and finished with rubberized safety flooring. This also allows the parish children to play as their parents visit in the garden spaces. Lastly, the parking lots and entry drive were excavated and repaved.