San Jose and Oakland Apostolates Father-Son-Camp


Abbé Keller reflects upon St. Michael's Patrol 2023


As I reflect upon my experience assisting with the St. Michael’s Patrol boys camp this year in Saratoga, California, it felt fitting that I write down my impressions and inspirations that I received from this fruitful camp. I was greatly inspired and encouraged in my faith by our young men.

SMP 600

I witnessed a fire of courage, perseverance, and obedience burning in the hearts of this next generation of young men. Their capability to immerse themselves in spiritual conferences; their attendance at daily Mass; their special devotion to our Lady; and their profound, yet unnoticed by themselves, the capability to form what a true Christian society looks like—gave me not only hope, but also inspired me to strive for a deeper love of neighbor and my God.

SMP600 4

With our various activities, these young men, between 5 to 18-years old, showed me that they were a part of this team—not a stumbling block to their own ambitions, but rather a guide and stepping stone to obtaining the virtues and graces necessary for their eternal salvation.

600 2

However, even with their search for the virtues and their consistency, they demonstrated to me how to imitate Christ and his living out the virtues while also being of good humor and enjoying one another's company.

SMP600 5

With the young men’s lively skits and their abundant energy, they never once let up and kept striving. I pray they are still striving, for the perfection we are all called to follow. If I had to mark my experience meeting all of these young men and their fathers with one word and our staff--that word would be “INDELIBLE!”