Sacred Heart Retreat Center Updates

2024 04 shretreatcenterupdate1
We are thrilled to share the latest developments in our ongoing efforts to revitalize and enhance the SHRC. Over the last two months, we have made significant progress, including:
General Contractor Partner Selected
Through a rigorous process, we have chosen a seasoned partner to work with our team through the design and preconstruction processes. Berghammer Construction Company was selected for their preconstruction management services expertise, willingness to understand the needs and goals for the SHRC, provide valuable insights and guidance with existing building and infrastructures, near-term and long-term functional requirements, asking pertinent questions, thinking boldly, and dedicated in providing a commitment to quality craftsmanship.
3-D Scan Documentation
Utilizing Matterport technology, we have completed a comprehensive 3-D scan of all three levels of the SHRC. This cutting-edge technology enables us to intricately document the existing space with accuracy. This will be an invaluable tool for the entire design and construction team as we navigate the design process as it helps our team to visualize and communicate intricate details effectively.
Establish Conceptual Budget 
Over the next month, the project team is developing a comprehensive project budget based on the conceptual design work that has been completed thus far. The goal of this effort is to establish a clear budget for the Phase 1 of the project as well as begin to identify options for key components of the project such as design of the updated mechanical systems and specifications for new exterior windows.
Detailed Site Assessment
A site visit was conducted recently, which brought together Berghammer Construction Company, Barrientos Design & Consulting Architects, and key trade partners. During the visit, insightful discussions took place, and careful analysis was done to develop innovative options to modernize and enhance the infrastructure of the retreat center.
2024 04 shretreatcenterupdate2
As we move forward on this transformative journey, we are committed to preserving the sacred essence of the retreat center while embracing modern amenities and functionalities. With the support of our partners and community, we are excited to realize a vision that enriches the lives of our community. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to make progress towards starting Phase 1 of the project!
2024 04 shretreatcenterupdate3
If you have not seen it already, check out the latest installment of the virtual tour of the retreat center. 
As Canon Todd takes the viewer down one of the hallways, you will have the opportunity to look inside some of the rooms, and better understand the vision we have for renovating the rooms to more appropriately suit a retreat center. 
2024 04 shretreatcenterupdate4