A Word from the Sister Adorers: Four Newly Professed

2024 04 sisteradorersnewlyprofessed1
The Adorers of the Royal Heart wish you all a joyous Easter season! 
On March 7, feast of our patron Saint Thomas Aquinas, four sisters pronounced their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience at the novitiate in Naples, Italy, surrounded by many canons, sisters, and family members. 
The newly professed sisters include Sister Immaculada of the Sacred Heart (Spain), Sister Domitille-Marie of the Holy Name of Mary (France, sister of Canon Josseaume who is currently serving at St Stanislaus in Milwaukee), Sister Regina-Marie of Saint Joseph (Sheboygan), and Sister Emma-Marie of the Maternity of Marie (Wausau). Deo gratias!
2024 04 sisteradorersnewlyprofessed2