Lessons in Latin: The History of the Parts of the Mass is a multi-part series sharing the beauty and the history of the parts of the Mass.

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Gradual, High Mass and Low Mass - August 27, 2022


Readings of Sacred Scripture and Gospel - >August 13, 2022


The Collect prayers, the first time the priest addresses the people - July 23, 2022


How does the Gloria fit into the Mass? - June 25, 2022


Historical elements, Kyrie eleison, litany, intriot, antiphon, invocations - June 11, 2022


Understanding the prayers at the foot of the alter - May 28, 2022


The moving parts - preparation,procession, vesting, application to the liturgy - May 7, 2022


INTRODUCTION: Introit (Procession and preparation for Mass) - April 23, 2022



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