Please kindly add to your own intentions the intention of the Institute's obtaining the funds needed for the restoration of the Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in Chicago. This magnificent church was once the National Shrine of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, who is one of the patron saints of the Institute of Christ the King, particularly of its missionary work in Africa.

O Glorious Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, the Little Flower of Jesus, safe refuge of the afflicted and distressed, I, a poor sinner, encouraged by the promises God has made to thee, come to thee today with a firm hope, and I rejoice in the great honor which our Holy Mother the Church, has shown to thee in placing thee amongst the saints of Her altars. I pour forth my prayer to thee; I implore thine aid, thy protection, thy counsel, and thy blessing. Obtain for me, I beseech thee, the intention of this novena (here specify your intention). I ask this favor provided it is not opposed to the Holy Will of God and the welfare of my salvation. Should such, however, be the case, obtain for me such other graces as shall be conducive to the welfare of my soul. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen. Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory Be...

Let us pray: Almighty and Eternal God, Who didst glorify Thy faithful virgin, Thérèse of the Child Jesus, with the perpetual gift of working miracles, graciously grant that what we confidently seek through her merits, we may surely receive through her intercession, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

We salute thee, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, lily of purity, ornament and glory of Christianity! We salute thee, great saint, seraph of divine love. We rejoice at the favor Our Blessed Lord Jesus has so liberally bestowed on thee. In humility and confidence we entreat thee to help us, for we know that God has given thee charity and pity, as well as power. Oh, then, behold our distress, our anxiety, our fears. Oh, tell Him of our wants. One sigh from thee will crown our success, will fill us with joy. Remember thy promise, dear Little Flower of Jesus, to do good on earth, to shower down thy roses on those who invoke thee. Obtain for us from God the graces we hope for from the infinite goodness of our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer by Pope Benedict XV

O Little Thérèse of the Child Jesus, who during thy short life on earth didst become a mirror of angelic purity, of love strong as death, and of whole-hearted abandonment to God, now that thou rejoicest in the reward of thy virtues, cast a glance of pity on me as I leave all things in thy hands. Make my troubles thy own — speak a word for me to our Lady Immaculate, whose flower of special love thou wert — to that Queen of Heaven "who smiled on thee at the dawn of life." Beg her as Queen of the Heart of Jesus, to obtain for me by her powerful intercession, the grace I yearn for so ardently at this moment, and that she join with it a blessing that may strengthen me during life, defend me at the hour of death, and lead me straight on to a happy Eternity. Hail, Holy Queen...

O Eternal Father, Whose infinite love watches in wisdom over each day of my life. Grant me the light to see in sorrow as in joy, in trial as in peace, in uncertainty as in confidence, the way Thy Divine Providence has marked for me. Give me that faith and trust in Thy care for me, so pleasing to Thee in St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, and I will walk in darkness as in light, holding Thy hand and finding in all the blessings I receive from Thy loving bounty, that "everything is a grace." Amen.

O Heavenly Father, Who in Thine infinite wisdom did permit the just to be tried upon earth, like gold in the furnace, hereafter to crown them gloriously in Heaven, we ask Thee to grant us through the intercession of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, all the graces of fortitude and consolation which we urgently need in the difficulties we encounter here below. Teach us, O Father, to possess our hearts in Peace in the providential use of the Cross, as it was understood by St. Thérèse, who found happiness in the midst of sacrifices.

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, who found joy in every trial, intercede for us with God that He may help us to bear patiently all our tribulations. Bring comfort to our hearts in the consoling truth that His Providence orders all things for the greater good of those who love Him. Obtain for us the favors and blessings we ask through thine intercession, dear little St. Thérèse. Amen.

Dear St. Thérèse, in thy love for Jesus in the Eucharist, thou teachest us that He comes to us each day to find another Heaven in our souls. Prepare our hearts to receive Him and inspire us with a love for Holy Mass and the Most Blessed Sacrament that is as ardent and consuming as thine own.

Teach us to make our faith penetrate the veil that hides Jesus in the Eucharist; to rouse our hope into limitless confidence in His powerful presence in our lives; to inflame our charity into ardent self-sacrifice that will win souls for Him.

In our adoring love for the Most Blessed Sacrament, may we find the grace that will transform us, too, into fervent apostles of His Merciful Love. Amen.