There are curently no events scheduled at the Oratory



Leter from the Rector:

Dear Faithful,

We’re trying hard to keep you spiritually connected! You may have seen our latest effort last Sunday to Livestream the High Mass for Good Shepherd Sunday on Facebook. If you missed it, you can still see the video. Also, this week we fin- ished our 600 mile route of the Easter Blessing for 70 homes of our members. What a grace for all!

More good news! Diocesan policy has changed: we are now able to have drive-in Masses, which we begin today with a Latin High Mass in the parking lot at 6:00 am. It’s better than livestreaming as you are actually at Holy Mass and not just watching it. Yet, Holy Communion cannot be distributed.

NOTE: Even though there is now the possibility to assist at Holy Mass, the dispensation from the Sunday Mass obliga- tion is still in effect for all of the faithful. However, there is no dispensation from keeping Sunday as a day of prayer and rest from unnecessary servile labor!

For the last several weeks, we have had Eucharistic Adora- tion at church on Sundays. In keeping with the Diocesan pol- icy of only 10 allowed in the church at one time, we have been using an on-line sign-up sheet to assure that those who want to spend time before Our Lord will have their space reserved. Sign-up is open to all parishioners of Holy Family Church and St. Gianna Oratory, but if there are still open times as of the night before, those of other parishes who would like to sign up are welcome then. The sign-up sheets are emailed out weekly. If you are not receiving our regular emails and Flocknotes, please contact the office to be added to the list. If you do not have email, but would like to come to Adoration, please call the office so the secretary can sign you up.

I strongly encourage families to make time to attend Eucha- ristic Adoration as part of the religious formation of their chil- dren. What better way to learn about Our Lord than at His feet?

Eucharistic Adoration essentially has both the element of adoring Our Lord truly present in the Eucharist and also do- ing reparation for the sins committed against the Eucharist, against the Faith, and for blasphemies and outrages against the Sacred Heart. Now more than ever, we need to keep adoring Our Lord, beseeching His Mercy for an end to this scourge as we also pray for the conversion of our world. Last year, a poll stated that only 28% of Catholics know and believe the Church’s teaching on Transubstantiation. Is this scourge a surprise? Many don’t believe in the Eucharist and many sacri- leges are committed openly and regularly – so God mercifully calls us to repentence by permitting this current scourge.
We need to continue Adoration!

In Christ the Risen King, Canon Jonathon Fehrenbacher



Having taken into account recently issued directives from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), as well as recommendations from our Governor and others, and in accord with the role afforded me by Roman Catholic canon law, I hereby issue the following di- rectives. These directives are motivated by an abun-

dance of care and concern for our people as well as the greater com- munity, and are substantially consistent with the directives of the Diocese of Phoenix and the Diocese of Gallup—all of which have Catholic parishes in the State of Arizona.

As of Monday, 3/16/2020, all parish-based public gatherings are either cancelled or suspended. These directives are in place for the next three weeks, until *April 6, 2020, at which time they will be reviewed and either brought to a close or extended. This effectivelyputs us a “ Level 3” in our response to the Coronavirus challenge and includes, but is not limited to:

  •   No public Masses after today (3/16/2020)

  •   The Sunday Mass obligation is dispensed for all Catholic peo- ple residing in or visiting the territory of the Diocese of Tuc- son. Catholics are urged to observe Sunday in accord with our teachings, which may include spending additional time on Sun- day in prayer, observing a Catholic Mass via television or internet, or other pious practices.

  •   There are to be no public Church events or gatherings, such as parish religious education programs, Stations of the Cross, par- ish missions, dinners, etc.

  •   Mass of the Holy Oils, “Chrism Mass,” will be celebrated pri-vately with Holy Oils to be distributed privately to priests

  •   Weddings should be restricted to 10 persons, and if Mass is celebrated only the bride and groom, if Catholic, are to receive Holy Communion

  •   Funeral Masses should be restricted to 10 persons, and the con- gregation should not receive Holy Communion

    I believe these directives, while a hardship and deeply regrettable for us all, are sensible, substantially consistent with directives for the other Catholic diocese in Arizona, and in line with the spirit of public health directives.

    +Edward J. Weisenburger Bishop of Tucson





*Public Masses have been further suspeded until further notice