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Clergy of the Oratory 

Canon Aaron Huberfeld, Rector

Canon Heitor Matheus, Vicar



October, the Month of the Holy Rosary

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From the Rector

Dear Faithful,
Blessings to you as we begin this beautiful month in honor of Our Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. Last Sunday I preached to you about the importance of keeping this month well, providing some counsels which I have found helpful on how to pray the Rosary with greater fruit.Some of you have asked for a written guide on how to pray with Rosary according the method used by many devout souls over the centuries and popularized by St. Louis de Montfort. It consists in adding to each Hail Mary after the Holy Name of Jesus an invocation which calls to mind the mystery upon which you are meditating. You can simply follow the method as described by St. Louis de Montfort himself at the end of his book, The Secret of the Rosary. Or you can use the guide which I attach here. This is how I often say them; it is based on how I learned to recite it from the Germans in Bavaria. Even if you only use this method from time to time, you may find it helps you to be more recollected during all your rosaries. Please know that I remember all the members of my flock especially in one of my rosaries each day of this month. God bless you.
Canon Aaron B. Huberfeld
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the Prophecies of Christ Explained


Episode 1: Genesis Part 1

Episode 2: Genesis Part 2

Episode 3: Genesis Part 3

Episode 4: Exodus Part 1

Episode 5: Exodus Part 2

Episode 6: Leviticus

Episode 7: Numbers

Episode 8: Deuteronomy

Episode 9: Job

Episode 10: Joshua

Episode 11: Judges

Episode 12: Ruth





 The Plague of St. Charles

 Narrated by Canon Aaron Huberfeld

The Plague of St. Charles: Introduction

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapters 1-2

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 3

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 4

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 5

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 6

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 7-8

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 9

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 10

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 11

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapters 12-13

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 14 (Final)






 have established their first United States foundation in Wausau, Wisconsin. Please view their website here to learn who the sisters are, see many beautiful photos, view all the other Houses of the Sister Adorers across the world, inquire about vocations, or make a donation. Donations can also be made specifically to the Convent of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary simply by choosing St. Mary's Oratory  - Wausau in the donation tab. 


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