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Restoration Generates Renewal

There is something special at St. Stanislaus Parish, home of the Extraordinary Form (Latin) Mass in southeastern Wisconsin. This historic, landmark church continues to experience a revival that is rippling out beyond its doors. The stunning restoration of the church, grounds and rectory, coupled with the dynamic administration by priests of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, have led to immense growth and robust faith.

Information, Schedule & Directions

Information for Return to Public Mass
Per decree of the Archbishop of Milwaukee, Sunday public Masses have returned to St. Stanislaus. The following restrictions must be observed:

• Each public Mass is allowed 25% of the church’s legal seating capacity. Therefore, 112 parishioners will be allowed at each Mass.
• Each priest is allowed to celebrate 3 Masses per Sunday.
Four public Sunday Masses will be celebrated at St. Stanislaus. Low Masses:  8 am, 12 noon and 5 pm. High Mass at 10 am.
• Social distancing practices will be observed by parishioners inside the church.
• Holy Communion will be distributed by priests to parishioners on the tongue. If anyone prefers not to receive in this manner, you are urged to participate in a spiritual communion. You may also approach the priest with arms crossed on your chest and receive a blessing.
• It is very important to follow the directions of the ushers once inside the church.
Confessions will be heard inside the church in designated confessionals, with doors remaining open.
• It is important to exit the church promptly after each Mass so cleaning teams can prepare for the following Mass.
• All parishioners will be required to sign up for Mass every Sunday on St. Stanislaus website or Facebook. All attendees will need to present their paper ticket or cell phone reservation at the entrances. Without your ticket, regretfully, you will not be admitted.
Daily Masses will be Monday – Thursday at 12 noon, Friday at 6:30 pm, and Saturday at 9 am. The same capacity restrictions and social distancing will be required at daily Masses.  There is no sign up for regular daily Masses.


Sign-up for Mass: Sundays

REGULAR SUNDAY LINKS through July 4, 2021

Link to previously recorded Masses 

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Parish Administrator and Rector

Rev. Canon Benoît Jayr

Assisting Priests

Rev. Canon Matthew Weaver

Clergy of the Oratory

Abbé George Baird


Jo Ann Neumann, Secretary



Video of St. Stanislaus


St. Stanislaus Tour from Cream City Catholic on Vimeo.


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