Phase II Giving Opportunities

These gift items are critical for the completion of Phase II of this monumental project.

Please prayerfully consider a gift to our U.S. Provincial Shrine of Christ the King & Headquarters Capital Campaign.  Your generosity helps us continue building this Spiritual Stronghold.  Help us restore Catholic life and culture in America for the salvation of souls.  Thank you, and may Christ our King bless you always!

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Shrine Interior Framing & Drywall (8 sections)



Shrine Electrical System (3 sections)



Shrine Heating System (4 sections)



Shrine Air Conditioning System (4 sections)



Shrine Plumbing System (3 sections)



Shrine Sprinkler & Security System (2 sections)



Shrine Interior Lighting System (4 sections)



Shrine Exterior Lighting System (4 sections)



Shrine Sound System (2 sections)



Shrine Concrete Subflooring (12 sections)



Shrine Exterior Doors (10)



Shrine Interior Doors (16)



Shrine Façade Windows (6)



Parking Lot Decorative Fence (8 sections)



Parking Lot Resurfacing (12 sections)



Parking Lot Lighting (6 sections)



Headquarters Building Bedrooms & Guestrooms (12)



Headquarters Building Bathrooms (10)



Headquarters Building Offices (5)



Headquarters Building Windows (52)



Headquarters Building Lighting (52 fixtures)



Campus Landscaping (12 sections)



Restore Giving1
Restore Giving2

“Out of God’s gifts, we make gifts to God; and from us, He receives what He first gave to us.”
     St. Augustine

Item prices may differ from their actual costs. Gift contributions may be made in full over a five-year period.


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